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Highlights from our extensive collection of keyboards, guitars, amps, drums and other instruments. Please note that this information is intended solely for reference by our clients and the equipment is not for sale.


Hammond B-3

Hammond B-3

This exceptional B-3 and its companion Leslie 147 came to us from the Record Plant, NYC where many well-known musicians played it on many historic recordings. Equipped with some special custom modifications, it has "the sound" that made the B-3 a classic.

Hammond A-100

Hammond A-100

Functionally equivalent to the more well-known B3 but packaged in a more elegant case. Located in the Control Room and connected to a remote Leslie 122-R.

Wurlitzer Centura Professional 805

Wurlitzer Centura Professional 805

Affectionately referred to as "Tut" in recognition of the Egyptian statuary that came along with the organ when it was purchased.

Conn Serenade

Conn Serenade

Equipped with an internal Leslie speaker as well as two external satellite Leslie cabinets and capable of producing very large and spatial sounds.

Yamaha YC-30

Yamaha YC-30

A portable organ connected to a Yamaha rotating horn speaker cabinet.

Yamaha Electone 405

Yamaha Electone 405

An interesting electronic marvel with great sounds and an amazing array of features.


Wurlitzer 200

Wurlitzer Model 200 Electric Piano

A legendary classic heard on countless historic recordings and instantly recognizable for its unique sound.

Fender Rhodes 88

Fender Rhodes Stage 88

Equipped with two powered satellite speakers. This classic electric piano system produces an amazing stereo image.

Toy Piano


No vintage keyboard collection would be truly complete without a toy piano.

Guitars and Amps

Marshall JCM800 half stack

Marshall JCM800

This classic 80's Marshall JCM800 50 watt head is mated with a recent 1960AV cabinet and the combination really rocks. In a good way.


DW Drum Kit

Drum Workshop set with Zildjian Cymbals

A beautiful set of custom DW drums and a nice assortment of carefully selected Zildjian cymbals. Special thanks to DW and Zildjian for their support.


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