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Photo Gallery

rear view of Control Room

Control Room, viewed from the rear.

Our spacious and acoustically superb control room conveniently accommodates performers as well as the production team.

side view of Control Room

Control Room, viewed from the left side.

Notable features include a comfortable lounge area to the rear of the equipment island behind the console, a separate machine room for recording equipment and a Hammond A100 organ console connected to a remote Leslie speaker cabinet.

Control Room and API Console

Control Room, facing the studio from behind the console.

Prominent features include our vintage API 2488 console and custom George Augspurger monitor speakers designed for this room.


Main Studio, looking toward the Control Room.

The Main Studio room is approximately 1000 sq. ft. in size and one wall is equipped with hinged panels to vary the acoustical characteristics of the room. It features a floating floor and fully isolated construction. Five additional recording booths surround the main room and are comprehensively wired to allow great flexibility in positioning players and equipment.

Piano Booth

Piano Booth

Contains our recently restored vintage Steinway model B grand piano and a built-in remote Leslie speaker cabinet connected to the organ console in the Control Room. The large double doors allow the piano to be easily moved out into the Main Studio room.


Lounge and kitchen area.

A large and comfortable space equipped with kitchen facilities as well as entertainment systems. Other facilities include a private shower room and laundry equipment.

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