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George L. Augspurger

Biographical Sketch

George L. Augspurger received his M.A. degree from UCLA, followed by postgraduate work at Northwestern University. After working in sound contracting and television production he joined James B. Lansing Sound, where he served as Technical Service Manager and later as Manager of the newly formed Professional Products Division. In 1970 Mr. Augspurger left JBL to devote full time to Perception Inc., a consulting office specializing in architectural acoustics and sound system design.

Mr. Augspurger is a fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, a fellow of the Audio Engineering Society, and a member of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology. His name is familiar as the author of numerous articles and technical papers, mostly dealing with loudspeaker design and application. His double-chamber speaker enclosure described in the December 1961 issue of Electronics World is still a favorite of amateur speaker builders. Today, there are more than 100 installations of custom monitor loudspeakers designed by Mr. Augspurger in professional recording studios throughout the world.

He contributes regularly to the Patent Reviews published by the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and reprinted by the AES Journal.

Partial List of Recent Projects

Recording Studios, Production Studios and Mastering Rooms
as of January 2004

Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood
Marcusen Mastering, Hollywood
Henson Recording Studios, Hollywood (two mastering rooms)
Novastar Production Studios, Hollywood
Walt Disney Imagineering, Burbank
Modern Videofilm, Burbank
The Enterprise, Burbank (mastering room)
Intersound Production Studios, Los Angeles
M Works Mastering, Boston
Allaire Studios, NY
Threshold Audio Mastering, Los Angeles
SAE Mastering, Phoenix
Gold Music Studios, Philadelphia
Elmstreet Studios, Philadelphia
Estudio Panda, Buenos Aires
Bear Tracks Studios, Suffern NY
Bearsville Studios, NY
Pro Vision Studios, Tijuana
Estudios Fono-Rama, Guadalajara
Estudios Alamos, Guadalajara
Sony Music Studios, NY (six rooms)
Sony Music Mexico, Mexico City
Sony Music Korea, Seoul
Sony Music Canada, Toronto
Water Music Studios, Hoboken
Doppler Studios, Atlanta
Music Business Institute, Atlanta
Tree Sound Studios, Atlanta
Southern Tracks Studios, Atlanta
Sonolux Studios, Bogota
R.C. Producoes, Rio de Janeiro
AR Studios, Rio de Janeiro
Double Sound Studios, Rio de Janeiro

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